Myrmecia forficata

Ant myrmecia forficata
Myrmecia forficata or the bulldog ant, one of the largest Myrmecia, is common in Australia. Has a very unusual appearance, the body is dark red with yellowish mandibles, large eyes and good vision. The size of the uterus reaches 25 mm, workers are slightly smaller, but also quite large 18-20 mm.

The dominant individual is the uterus, there are no gamergates, fertilization occurs during the flight. A colony can be raised from one uterus, but it will take a lot of time, the development cycle from the moment the egg appears about 3 months.

Myrmecia forficata builds nests in the ground in arid areas, the number of individuals reaches several thousand, which live in small sections underground with a narrow passage to the outside.

Ants eat honey syrup or nectar, they eat little protein, but it is needed to feed the larvae. It is advisable to install a drinking bowl in the formicarium.

Ants of this species do not need high humidity in the arena, 99% in the nest, 40-60% in the arena, temperature 23-28 degrees. Sand must be added to the formicarium. Myrmecia forficata wintering is not necessary. As a habitation for such an exotic pet, the Paraponera House formicarium with a deep nest is suitable.