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My Ants is a company producing high-quality ant farms, we you can find farms for both the simplest and exotic or huge species of ants. The main advantage of our formicariums is that the gypsum nest is removable and combined with the arena, the farm has an excellent overview and with all its compactness, the formicarium is very spacious due to the large living sections and high arena.

In our formicarium species of ants such as: Messor, Camponotus, Lasius, Myrmicaria, Pheidole, Tetraponera, Iridomyrmex, Pogonomyrmex, Polyrhachis, Harpegnathos, Diacamma, Odontomachus, Pachycondyla, Odontoponera, Neoponera, Myrmecia, Paraponera and many others can comfortably develop, because gypsum is a natural material and suitable for almost any kind. A video about ants settled in our ant farms can be found on YouTube.

We have been working for several years, all of our farms undergo thorough tests, we carefully pack and ship orders worldwide.
My Ants - Our Ant Farms (formicarium for ants/nest for ants)

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