Paraponera House

The gypsum-acrylic Paraponera House formicarium is ideal for ants like Myrmecia pyriformis, Paraponera clavata, Camponotus gigas and other giants that need large, tall living sections.

Formicarium is made of high-quality acrylic, without elements that interfere with the view, there is a hole for moistening gypsum. The large lid is secured with snaps. The design is completely collapsible, the nest is removable, the gypsum block is made of high-strength gypsum, there is access to the nest, a glass is installed on the gypsum block that does not deform from moisture.

You can populate in this formicarium as one queen ant, and the initial ant colony. For all its compactness, formicarium is quite roomy since it contains three large, deep living sections, the height of which is 3 cm.

The kit includes:
1. Spare fasteners

Dimensions of formicarium: 20x20x12 cm
Size of the gypsum block: 20x9x4.5 cm
Depth of living sections: 3 cm