Messor structor

Ant messor structor
Ants of the Messor structor species live in a huge number of countries, for example, in the south of Russia and Ukraine. Black, uterus size 11-12 mm, soldiers and workers from 4 to 9 mm.

The family is created by a fertilized uterus after flight, development from an egg to an ant takes from 1.5 to 2 months. The number of individuals in an anthill can reach 5000, about 300 ants per year are considered normal development.

In nature, Messor structor most often live in the steppes, in shallow nests in the ground, so they do not need high humidity. At home, it is not recommended to populate small colonies in formicaria, it is better to wait until the colony reaches 30-50 individuals in an incubator, more is possible. Ants do not like light and drafts, so a quiet, calm place in the shade will go for formicaria.

Ants of this species feed on seeds, nuts and protein; at home, we recommend giving larvae to accelerate the development of the colony. It is advisable to install a drinking bowl in the formicarium.

Messor structor can live in a variety of ant farms, but we recommend Campo House gypsum-acrylic formicaria. The humidity in the nest should be 99%, in the arena 40-60%, the comfortable temperature will be 23-26 degrees. Wintering is not required, the view is ideal for beginners.