Campo House (Standard)

The gypsum-acrylic formicarium Campo House is ideal for such species of ants as: Messor, Lasius, Myrmicaria, Pheidole, Tetraponera, Iridomyrmex, Pogonomyrmex, Polyrhachis of various Camponotus species, both small and large and any other species that can live in a gypsum nest, as gypsum is a natural material in it will be comfortable for almost everyone.

Formicarium is made of high-quality acrylic, without elements that interfere with the view, there are two holes for moistening and connecting the incubator. The large lid is secured with snaps. The design is completely collapsible, the nest is removable, very convenient for wintering species, the gypsum block is made of high-strength gypsum, there is access to the nest, a glass is installed on the gypsum block that does not deform from moisture. It is possible to populate this formicarium from several ants to large colonies, since two partitions are provided in the nest, which allows you to limit living space when populating the initial colony or even one queen and open the remaining living sections with an increase in the number of ants. For all its compactness, formicarium is very roomy since the height of the living sections is 1.5 cm, which significantly increases the living space, as well as the formicarium has a large arena.

The kit includes:
1. Two tubes of different diameters for the settlement/relocation of ants.
2. Spare fasteners.

Dimensions of formicarium: 20x20x10 cm.
Size of the gypsum block: 20x9x2.5 cm.
Depth of living sections: 1.5 cm.