Camponotus nicobarensis

Ant camponotus nicobarensis
Ants of the species Camponotus nicobarensis are native to Southeast Asia, are distinguished by their chic appearance, have a black and yellow striped color.

There may be several queens in a family, which together raise a colony. It takes several weeks to develop from egg to ant. The number of colonies can reach 1000 individuals.

In their natural environment, Camponotus nicobarensis live in underground nests dug in the soil of a humid forest, but often they occupy ready-made buildings. They can also live in wood, like most Camponotus, but only when wet. At the same time, they do not like too high humidity.

Ants of this species feed on protein (cockroaches, larvae and any other protein feed), sugar or honey syrup. It is advisable to install a drinking bowl in the formicarium.

For this species, gypsum or gypsum-acrylic formicarium is best suited, we recommend Campo House, the humidity in the nest should be 99%, in the arena 60-80%, the temperature is about 25 degrees, wintering is not required for this species.