Odontomachus monticola

Ant odontomachus monticola
Ants of the species Odontomachus monticola live in the tropics, and more precisely in Asia, predators, average size about 10 mm, dark red color, are distinguished by unusual mandibles in the form of a trap, which open 180 degrees and slam shut at high speed, while making clicks.

In the family, the uterus is the dominant individual, this species does not have gamergates, fertilization occurs at the time of flight. It takes about 2 months from the moment the egg appears until the worker appears.

In nature, the number of individuals in an anthill reaches 200-300 ants, Monticols dig their homes in the soil, or in rotten wood. The nests are not large, they consist of only a few chambers.

Ants of this species feed on live insects of small size, during the hunt, the victim falls into the trap of the mandibles and can no longer escape, and in case of danger, the Odontomachus monticola strike with their mandibles on a hard surface and jump back to a safe distance. It is not necessary to install the drinker in the formicaria.

Ants of this species feel comfortable in gypsum formicaria with coconut filler, they need high humidity in the nest of about 99%, in the arena slightly below 60-80%, the temperature is 25-28 degrees, this species has no wintering. We advise you to move into Odontomachus monticola at Ponerinae House.