Diacamma rugosum

Ant diacamma rugosum
Ants of the Diacamma rugosum species are distributed in many countries from Pakistan to Australia, predators, medium-sized, uterus up to 15 mm, outwardly distinguished by an unusual bluish tint.

In the family, the dominant individual is the gamergat (fertilized worker). Development from egg to ant takes about 2 months. An interesting feature is that fertilization takes place without leaving the nest. But not every ant can become a gamergate, the dominant individual bites off the wing buds of most individuals, and fertilization is impossible without them. If a gamergate appears, if there is another fertilized individual in the colony, the gamergate can leave and create their own colonies.

In the natural environment, the number of individuals in an anthill is about 100-300 ants, Diacamma rugosum anthills are settled in the soil, under stones or in the roots of trees.

Ants of this species feed on live insects, honey and nectar, a feature of this species is a collective hunt for their prey. It is advisable to install a drinking bowl in the formicarium.

It is recommended to populate Diacamma rugosum in a gypsum formicarium with coconut flakes, ants need about 99% humidity in the nest, 60-80% in the arena, temperature 25-28 degrees, this species does not need wintering. Recommended formicarium for this ant species: Ponerinae House.